not sure where to start?

Your future starts fresh every day!
Your past is a training ground. Your simple decisions today can create the future life you will love.

If you are wondering where to start, you are in the right place. Doing what you love to do comes naturally, but you need to know that you can create a great life for yourself, doing work you love!

What do you love to do?

I've been helping people to feel good about themselves and put on a smile as a photographer since 2003. And I still shoot portraits, but now I bring more than smiles to people who are ready to create a brighter future.
Especially if you don't know what you want to do yet, I'm here to help you create a plan for a future you will love!

Everyone can find hope and create a plan for success, no matter your past, or your talents, struggles, experiences or job skills.

Forget about what the world and what society say about a college degrees, or your age, or the path they tell you to take want to take. Your life is a creative gift, and your future is the gift you give to yourself and to the world each day. You already have what you need today to make your future bright tomorrow.

What's the right path for you?Where you want to go?

Triune Family is here to help you when life is confusing. We help you put a smile on your face, because you know you have a plan to create a future you will love! 
Start smiling now! 

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Tools to help you face the future!
A personalized experience based on the proven training in 48 Days to the Life and Work You Love by Dan Miller,
with specialized life coaching and personal support adapted for young adults and their support network. 

Youth comes with passion, but it's easy to lose it along the way. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to learn how to move toward the life that is your passion. Don't give up when things don't seem to be going your way! When you set your sights on the future, with hope and a plan, then you purpose is greater than sharing a good selfie... But don't think you can't share that selfie... In fact, you might just share your picture with a new purpose and passion because you know what you are moving toward and why! That's what this training is all about. 
What are you doing now that you love?  
What do you wish you could do?  
We help you develop the tools with a plan and the steps to take you there!

You can find or create work you love, use your creative passions to design a plan and a path,… and ultimately a future life you will love!
We use training with over 20 years of results proven steps taught by Dan Miller, beginning with the best selling book, 48 Days to the Life and Work You Love. In fact, as part of the 48 Days Eagles community, I'm certified to deliver the 48 Days training, and that is the basis and foundation for this training. When you join the course you get Dan's book in its latest updated version, and a complete workbook and kit that goes with it. The books and course walk each person through steps that are individual to them, and then together we work through how that looks for you as an individual.

You'll use these tools your whole life to recognize your personal patterns of thinking, make better decisions, pursue your passions, find or create work you love, and help others to do the same! 

There is no "one size fits all" plan. You are unique… 
Sign up for a Work You Love seminar today!  

This training helps you learn about yourself, including a DISC profile evaluation, and specific tools to achieve your goals. You will grow to understand better who you are and how you fit in the world—more importantly, how you stand out! We don't want to change you, we want to help you see your gifts and the opportunities before you. You don't need other people to tell you what to do. Develop your own tools you can use throughout your life. Even when you just need to get back on track after a hard patch. Discover how to confidently learn new skills, become an expert at something, make plenty of money and manage it well, to ultimately live a life you love.

The Life I love!
Personally, I've got quite a life story of failures and success, but I learned to take my future into my own hands so I could stop being disappointed. And that transition gained strength in my life through the tools I found in the 48 Days training and community. 

There aren't too many systems in place to help you break free from systems (really, would that even work?). You just have to decide to do it when you need a way to move forward in life. 

A part of my story is that I'm a photographer. I love people and portraits and creating art that honors God's greatest creation - people! and I'm not the best one out there, but I do it with passion and excitement and I bring joy to the people I serve. 

What I learned about myself is that I love working with people and making portraits. Basically, I took photography to the next level with my personal skills of relating to people. My own creative passion and enjoyment is what I bring to each shoot. You don't have to be like another person, no matter how good they are. You can learn from them, but then learn to bring your own passions and skills to what you do. 

Now I work with people, listening and sharing stories, and helping you take your own creative journey to the next level. And i bring photography expertise as part of the gift I can give to people.

Like me, you can build and grow into your talent and be free to adapt as you go.

Find Work You Love…
Live a life you love! 

Helping people grow…
Now I help people to discover your hopes and dreams and how to put your talents to work for you.

At any age, to make your dreams a reality, it takes work. But it can be work that makes you excited to get up in the morning!

You can create a path and a plan and start today with hope and a new direction - a direction that takes you where you want to be!

And knowing where you are going makes the journey so much fun! 

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If you are in foster care, a foster care family, or have transitioned from care, let's update your portraits for your online profile, business, or simply to give to someone you love!
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